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قائمة برسائل الدكتوراة بمكتبة المعهد

  General No. Title Author Publish year
1) Detection and characterization for HCV-RNA using some molecular biology techniques /  Ebeid, Mohamed El-Shahat Mohamed.  2000. 
2) Biotechnology and application of microbial cellulase and gene regulation of their formation under fermentaion condition /  Ibrahim, Atef Mohamed.  1999 . 
3) Microdetermination of active components in some pharmaceutical compounds/  Othman,Abd El-Hameed Mahmood.  1997 . 
4) preparations and characterization of some poly (vinyl chloride matrix membrane electrodes and their applications in biochemical and analytical chemistry  rizk,nashwa mokhtar hassan   
6) development of polymerase chain reaction amplification assay as ascreening test for identifying  radwan,gamal soliman   
7) Biological and molecular characteristics of maize yellow stripe virus and its relationship with the leafhopper vector =  Hussein, Amal Mahmoud.  2001 
8) Chemical and Genetic Studies on Metal Complexes of Some Azo-Carbonyl Containing Ligands on Mammals /  Aly, Samar Abd El-Hameed.  2000 . 
9) 10  Screening studies on the mutagenicity of pesticides :  El-Abd, Sabah Farouk Abdel-Aliem.  2001 . 
10) 11  Biochemical Studies On Bcl-2 Gene Expression In Schistosomal Infected patients Using Flowcytometer =  Mahmoud, Shadan Muawia Hanafy.  2000. 
11) 12  Genetic and phylogenetic relationships of some Egyptian wild plants and their cultivated relatives /  El-rebey, Haddad Abdel Samie.  1999. 
12) 13  Micro and macro DNA lesions induced by some drugs =  Abd El-fattah, Mohamed Osama.  1995 . 
13) 14  some immunological hematological and molecular studies on acute rheumatic fever and chronic rheumatic heart disorders  hisham abd elsadeck mittwally  1998 
14) 15  molecular genetics characterization of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in patients with acute hemolytic anemia  Khalil.mahoud lofty taha  2001 
15) 16  purification and immunochemical characterization of antigens in schistosomiasis  el-masry,samir ali Mohamed   
16) 18  Studies on the Natural Genomic Interference of Spodoptera Littoralis Baculoviruses and Their Stability in the Presence of Insecticides /  Khamiss, Omaima Ahmed A.  1997. 
17) 19  Immunobiological studies on the effect of some naturally occurring compounds on solid tumor in experimental female albino mice /  El-Refaei, Mohamed Farouk Ebrahim.  1998. 
18) 20  Immunologic evaluation of hyperimmune patients waiting for renal transplantation /  Al-Kady, Ibrahim Mohamed Mousa.  2000. 
19) 21  studies on production of some ornamental bulbs and establishment of gene transfer system through tissue culture technigues  nower,ahmed abbas ahmed  2002 
20) 23  Genetical and biochemical studies on cultivated and wild type sugar beet =  Hekal, Hadia Ahmed Mohamed Moustafa.  2001 . 
21) 24  Utilization of flow cytometry in the assessment of some genetic abnormalities in some gastroenterological lesions /  El-Shal, Mohamed Farouk Abd-Allah.  2000. 
22) 25  physiological and molecular genetic markers for salt-tolerance in barley =  Abo alkhire، Alaa saad eldien M.  2001 . 
23) 26  biochemical study ies of p53 protein overexpression in some alimentary tract disorders  nasif,wesam ahmed abdelazez  2002 
24) 27  studies on active ingredients production in alkanna plant by using tissue culture technique  bekhit,metwally hassan abdalla  2002 
25) 28  biochemical study of the efeect of schistosomal antigen on human leukocytes,correlation with class ii major histocompatibility complex,  salem,tarek Abdul-raouf el-basheer  1999 
26) 30  Effect of schistosomiasis on the properties of arylsulfatase b =  Khalil, Khalid bassiouny mohamed.  2002 . 
27) 31  Some physiological studies on date palm micropropagation through direct somatic embryogenesis =  Hegazy, Adel El- Sayed Ahmed.  2003 . 
28) 32  Comparative Studies on Cytokines Production of Cell Culture in Vitro /  El-Fiky, Bahgat Abd El-Gafar Mohamed.  2005 . 
29) 33  freguency of y chromosome microdeletions in Egyptian males with sperm abnormalities and correlation between genotype and phenotype  el hamshari,manal osama  2005 
30) 34  environmental impact assessment of wastewater treatment plant in ismailia  mousa, Ibrahim el-sayed ibrahim  2004 
31) 35  physiological studies on stevia rebaudiana bertoni through tissue culture techniques and its suitability for desert regions  el zifzafi,mohamed Mahmoud ahmed  2003 
32) 36  Preliminary Study Of Genetic Alterations in Bilharziasis - Associated Bladder Carcinoma /  El-Kenawy, Ayman El-Meghawry.  2001 
33) 37  Characterization of aeromon as species isolated from fish, poultry and man  Esawey, Abou El-Kheir Mohamed Ebrahim.  1998 . 
35) 39  genetical studies for producing one of b- lactamase inhibitors in bacteria  abbas,rateb nabil  2006 
36) 40  Molecular and biochemical genetic studies on yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae /  El-­Zanaty, Abdeen Hamed Mohamed.  2005. 
37) 41  Banana Propagation and Somaclonal Variation Via Tissue Culture/  Hamza, Ebtsam Moubark.  2006. 
38) 42  cloning and regulation of streptokinase enzyme gene(s  esmael, Mahmoud abdel mongy ahmed  2006 
39) 43  The Integrated Pest Management of The Potato Tuber Moth:  Ibrahim,Gehan Mohamed Ahmed  , 2003 . 
40) 44  Genetic Basis of inherited Atopic Derniatitis in Shaalan, Usama F.  2005 .  
41) 45  Studies on the effect OF FLAVONOIDS CONTAINING DIET on experimental animals treated with nitrosamines /  El-Nashar, Nermeen Nagah Galal.  2007 . 
42) 46  genetics manipulation of yeast for the production of single cell protein from some industrial wastes  tayel,ahmed abdel- fattah  2006 
43) 47  Functionalities of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Egyptian environment  Ibrahim,Hoda Mahrous Abass .  2006 
44) 48  molecular studies on some pathogenesis- related prs proteins in tomato plants  el- hadary, mona helmy  2006 
45) 49  phylogenetic and population genetic studies on some insect and plant associated nematodes  saeb,amr t.m  2006 
46) 50  improvement of soybean plants by genetic engineering technology  zayed,ehab Mohamed Mohamed ali  2007 
47) 51  Molecular Studies of introduced Foreign DNA into POtato   Abd El Wahed, Reham Mahmoud Abd El Azeem.  2007. 
48) 52  Studies on some plant growth-promoting rhizosphere bacteria and its relation to micropropagation of date palm.  farrag, Hala Mohamad Anwar.  2007. 
49) 53  biological studies on the rhizosphere microorganisms in faba bean (vicia faba   farfour, safinaz anwar nabawy.  2007. 
50) 54  biochemical and molecular study of anticarcinogenic activity of the polyphenolic compounds on mice bearing solid tumor  badr,osama Mohamed omar  2007 
51) 55  biotechnological study on banana plant parasitic nematode  el-ansary,mostafa sayed mostafa  2007 
52) 56  development of astrategy to induce rna-silencing in squash against virus diseases by genetics transformation  khidr,yehia  2007 
53) 57  determination of the genetic relationships among wheat varieties using morphological molecular and cytogenetical markers  abdellatif, kamal fouad  2007 
54) 58  biotechnological studies of cymbopogon citratus.stapf (lemongrass)  mazrou, Khaled al-morsy mossad  2008 
55) 59  Biotechnological Studies On The Production Of Somatic Embryos And Synthetic Seeds Of Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera L) /  EL-Baky، Mohammed Abd El-Rasool Abd El-Baky.  2006. 
56) 60  bacterial degradation of biarylethers  aly,hamdyabdel-azeim hassan  2007 
57) 61  Regulation and Gene Expression of Cellulose Mohamed, Hanan Hassan Ahmed.  2008. 
Degradation Genes and Transformation into
58) 62  Biotechnological Studies on the Production of SecondaryMetabolites of Solanum viride through Tissue Culture Techniques /  Dahab, Abeer Ali.  2008. 
59) 63  studies on in vitro propagation of aswan date palm cultivars and their germplasm preservation /  abu el-fadl, reda el-sayed el-sayed.  2008. 
60) 64  Biotechnological studies of date palm under siwa oasis conditions /  El-Din diab, mohamed ismail gamal.  2008. 
61) 65  Physiological Studies On The Effect Of Different Constituents Of Tissue Culture Media On Differntiation And Growth Of Some Ornamental Plants In Vitro /  EL Shaer, Mislhy Sgawky Mislhy.  2008. 
62) 66  Molecular diagnosis of Nile tilapia Ahmed, Medhat Helmi Hashem.  2008. 
(Oreochromis niloticus, L.) diseases in Egypt / 
63) 67  environmental utilization by strptokinase enzyme  eldourghamy,ayman said abdel-aziz  2008 
64) 68  Cytological and biochemical genetic studies in fishes =  Himeda, Alaa El-Din Abdalla Ahmed.  1994 . 
65) 69  Comparative toxicity study of meloxicam and etodolac (cox-2slective lnhibitors) /  El-Halfawy, Ibrahim Abdou.  2009. 
66) 70  biotechnologigal studies on stevia  ez eldin,mohamed freag mohamed  2010 
67) 71  Application of Genetic Markers for Developing Resistance of Net Blotch Disease and Drought as well as Salinity Tolerance in Barley  Al-Masry, Ahmed Ismail Sayed Ahmed.  2010. 
68) 72  Factors Affecting Cyst Formation Of Azotobacter Chroococcum For Its Application As A Biofertilizer /  Ibrahim, Marwa Salah Abdel-Hamid.  2011 . 
69) 73  Molecular and Biochemical Studies on Salt Stress in Rice Plants  Fayed, Aysam Mahmoud Ali.  2011. 
70) 74  Protective Effect of Natural Antioxidants Against Adriamycin-Induced Acute Cardiac Toxicity in Mice  Younis, Mohamed Younis Nasr.  2011. 
71) 75  Biotechnologicalinvestigation on the production chitosan from fungi, its characterization and its application on textile  Moussa, Shaaban Hemdan Abdelhafiz.  2011. 
72) 76  Physiological and Molecular Studies of Mahmoud Mohamed Ibraheim Saad  2013 . 
Obese Genes in Human / 
73) 77  biotechnological studies on the insectivorous plants and their effect on the growth of date palm using tissue culture techniques  ali,ibrahim Mohamed shams el din  2011 
74) 78  Biotechnological Study on the Production of Chitosan from Absidia coerulea  El-Mekawy, Ahmed Mamdouh.  2011. 
75) 79  Evaluation Of Immunoresponsiveness Of S. mansoni Patients In Relation To Maternal Infection Status  Ali , Yasser Bastawy Mohamed  2010 
76) 80  Studies on the Molecular Diversity and Geographical Distribution of the Invasive Species :  El-Mergawy, Rabab Abd Allah Abd El-Aziz Mahmoud.  2011 . 
77) 81  Biotechnological studies on the production of rosmarinic acid and volatile oils from an endangred endemic Egyptian plant /  Abd El-Maksoud, Ahmed Ibrahim.  2012 . 
78) 82  Production of Monoclonal Antibodies in Culture for Taha, Muhammad Samy Omar El-Farouk.  2010. 
Medical and Environmental Applications 
79) 84  Egfr And C-Erb-4 Genes Expresion In Cancer Breast Patients And Its Correlation With Clinico Pathologic Parameters /  Ali, Mahmoud Moawad Elsayed.  2012 . 
80) 85  Biotechnological study on Bacillus thuringiensis vegetative insecticidal protein (s /  Kheshek, Doaa ELGhareeb Gomaa.  2012 . 
81) 86  influenza avirus exploits cellular mir-141 and autophagy for cuccessful replication  Khalil,hany hamed esmail mohamed  2010 
82) 87  expression of HCVglycoprotein el and its evaluation for vaccine development  abdel-mageed,wael saad el-sayed  2011 
83) 88  Molecular Genetic Studies Of Childhood Cancer /  Khater, Doaa Fawzy.  2012 . 
84) 89  Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterium Drug Targets /  Sabra, Ebrahem Abd El-Mohsen Sadek.  2012 . 
85) 90  Biotechnological Study On The Biotransformation Of Glycyrrhizin Into Glycyrrhetinic Acid By Trichosporon Jirovecii /  Al-Saman, Mahmoud Abd El-Hamid Mahmoud.  2012 . 
86) 91  molecular mechanisms controlling tne interaction between botrytis cineria and its host tomato  abd el Rahman,taha  2001 
87) 92  MOLECULAR DIAGNOSIS OF HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA  Hamed, Mohammed Shereef Abdou.  2013. 
88) 93  Molecular Studies of Microbial Bacteriocins Production and Incorporation into Nanoparticles /  Bayoume, Abeer Mohammed Ahmed.  2013 . 
89) 94  Biotechnological Studies On Urginea Maritima And Zantedeschia Odessa /  Shahin, Heba Swelam Mohamed.  2013 . 
90) 95  genetic engineering and biotechnology (molecular diagnosis of human diseases  nasr,ghada Mahmoud imam  2013 
91) 97  Molecular biological studies on Sugarcane   Mohamed, Wail Ali Fawaz.  2014. 
92) 98  Biotechnological Studies on Momordica charantia   Amer, Enass Mohamed Salah Mahmoud.  2014. 
93) 99  Molecular Studies on Virus Resistance Gene in Tomato Plants   Abd Eldaim, Tamer Mohammed Roshdy.  2015. 
94) 100  citric acid production under submerged fermentation conditions  abonama,osama Mohamed abd el-maksoud  2015 
95) 101  biotransformation of some herbal extracts  helal,ahmed helal ibrahim  2015 
96) 102  biological control of some soile-borne pathogens of marjoram  rizk, islam mokhtar hassan  2015 
97) 107  production of haploid and dihaploid wheat plants through tissue culture methods  ghareeb, hala sobhy mohammed  2015 
98) 108  pituitary hormone secretion in patients with chronic hepatits c virus(hcv)infection before and during antiviral therapy  ahmed,amany gamal elden  2015 
99) 109  vitamin d binding protein gene polymorphism in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients  al-azzawi,mahmood abduhussein hameed  2015 
100) 110  biological studies of cytokine activated immune cells  Mahmoud,hassan moustafa hassan  2015 
101) 111  influence of children directed foods on probiotic bacteria  badran,eman Mohamed mostafa ali  2015 
102) 112  microbial biotransformation of soy isoflavones  abdelelrahman,asmaa abdelaal  2016 
103) 113  study genes and proteins response of heavy metals tolerant  Ibrahim, azza Mohamed metwaly  2016 
104) 116  biotechnological studies on male date palm trees  atfi,mohamed said abd el-nabi hassan  2016 
105) 314  biotechnological studies on thuja orientalis  MOHAMED,hassan kamal hassan  2016 

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